Questions & Answers


Vehicle wraps are produce by digital large format printers that prints on wrap vinyl and are apply directly on autos, trucks, buses or any smooth surface. With the advancement of technology, the printed vinyl wrap are more vivid in colors and more attractive than traditional cut vinyl letters. Large format color digital printing and wrapping technology allows businesses to put their marketing imagination of any images that can be wrap on vehicles including full high quality photos, company’s logos, and decorative texts. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle and protects it from harmful UV sun rays.

Anything less than a full wrap is consider “partial wrap.

The wrap can last up to 4 years outdoor with approved UV over laminate for clean removal. Depending on your location and how you take care of the wrap also a factor of the life of a wrap.

In most cases vehicle wraps will not damage factory paint jobs it also protects the paint from the sun uv rays and minor scatch.

Most of the process time is spent in the design phase where we will develop the concept that you have for your wrap. The length in time will depend on whether you have a clear idea of how you want your wrap to look like. After that comes the production and installation stage. It usually takes 5-10 days for the whole process to be complete.

Yes, you can have the damaged pieces replaced. Depending on how long the wrap has been on the vehicle, colors may slightly differ.

Installation of the wraps can usually be done in one day for most vehicles.

Hand washing is best. Try to avoid high pressure washes and be careful never to use an ice scraper on window graphics.

You can see through window graphics that are printed on perforated window film. Window perf vinyl is perforated with very small holes that allow you to see out.

On a full wrap it is normal to have an occasional wrinkle or bubble. There are many techniques to reduce wrinkles and bubbles when wrapping, but even the best wrappers can’t eliminate all wrinkles.