Vehicle Wrap Removal

Advertising your business with your fleet or personal vehicle without painting is to use 3M™ vehicle wrap vinyl. Vehicle wrap adds different appearance to your vehicle, also protects the original paint job. Some professionals use a propane torch-like tool when installing and removing 3M™ vinyl wrap removal. With experience and hand skill professional installer know the precise temperature to keep the torch. But when its time to change up the wrap with new graphics or bringing  the vehicle back to its original color.  Vehicle wraps can be easily remove without using any special tool.   The 3M™ wrap adhesive is designed to come off the vehicle without leaving any residue. Best time to remove a wrap is during nice warm sunny day.


  • Park your car in the sun until you can feel the warm vinyl. The heat warm up the vinyl and soften the adhesive.
  • You may also use heat gun to warm up the vinyl.
  • Move the vehicle so you can reach the entire vehicle with a heat gun.
  • Peel the wraps starting from a corner and slowing pull away from the vehicle at a low angle.
  • Apply heat as you move down the vehicle removing the wrap.
  • Keep your fingers close to the vehicle as you pull the wrap away. This helps to remove the wrap in larger pieces.
  • Continue the heating and peeling process until you remove the wrap from the vehicle.
  • Get a normal car wash and your back to original.